Re-registration of vehicles

4.    Transport vehicles repeat registration (re-registration)
4.1. Transport vehicle re-registration is implemented in the following cases:
1) change of natural person's legal address and legal person's location;
2) change of a transport vehicle owner;
3) change of a vehicle owner' name, surname and patronymic;
4) vehicle type or model modification while its provision with new equipment,  reassembly and new aggregates installation.
4.2.  In case of natural person's place of residence and legal person's location change,  state re-registration of transport vehicles is implemented on the basis of their owner's application and in accordance with an order defined in the article 2.8 of this Regulation.
4.3. In case of a transport vehicle owner change, re-registration is implemented on the basis of its owner’s application and one of due documents intended in the article 2.9 of this Regulation in a manner defined in the article 2.8.                                                                                                                                                                        
When a transport vehicle owner dies, if a deed of gift agreement has been signed by him and certified by a notary, transport vehicle re-registration is implemented in the name of a vehicle new owner by the submission of the contract on vehicle being present, previous owner's death certificate or its copy certified by a notary.
4.4. In case of a vehicle owner's name, surname and patronymic change, transport vehicle re-registration is implemented on the basis of the marriage certificate (its copy) or other documents issued by the Registry Office  bodies in a manner intended in the article 2.8 of this Registration.
4.5. The re-registration of the transport vehicles provided with equipment and reassembled or transport vehicles with modified aggregates is implemented on the basis of below-enumerated documents:
a permission on a transport vehicle being provided with equipment and reassembly issued by due bodies realizing vehicles state registration; a technical certificate (passport) with due comments on a vehicle being provided with equipment and reassembly in mobile repair plant (enterprise);
a registration certificate (with comments on a vehicle reassembly date and  installed body, chassis and engine numbers); a deed of assignment  on the vehicle being provided with equipment, reassembly and its handing; a document confirming provision with equipment and reassembly of a vehicle; payment cheque for done work and other due documents intended in the article 2.8 of this Regulation.
Note: Documents confirming purchasing legality of other equipments  (except ones intended in the article 2.9 of this Regulation) are the followings: commodity receipts (labels) on sold units and parts issued by retail and commission shops or technical service stations; a receipt issued additionally to a profit warrant to treasury and a cheque on sold (output) parts issued by the enterprises.
4.6. Characteristic features of provision with equipment and aggregates modification:
1. It is not allowable to provide a transport vehicle with equipment and reassemble it in the result of its brand modification.    
2. Provision of one brand vehicle with other model equipment and its reassembly is carried out at technical service stations, mobile repair plants, motor transport enterprises and other enterprises engaged with transport vehicles repair. Automobiles modification into front conductor and vice versa or other brand automobiles body modification into analogical structure body is carried out under manufacturer's technical conditions and only at automobile technical service stations.
3.  The enterprises intended in the article 2 of this Regulation and a vehicle owner himself is allowed to modify a vehicle body and aggregates into the ones of the same brand.
4. It is allowable to install freely same brand engines and frames within technical conditions. Other case modification may be carried out by the manufacturer's advice or on the basis of a reference issued by Road Traffic Safety Scientific Organization. Different automobiles engines are not mutually replaced. Being an exception, these brand engines can be installed into other brand automobiles. In this case their engines have to meet the following requirements: their power and crankshaft rotation speed¸ weight and body dimensions have to be appropriate to the same parameters of firm engines and ensure their firm installation into automobile as well, transmission and communications firm installation.
5. While a transport vehicle being provided with equipment, reassembled or repaired, disassembled aggregates (body, engine, frame, engine block) are stayed at the owner's disposal and can be used as he likes. Transport vehicle owner can sale these aggregates through commission trade shops or present them through notary to other person or technical service station on the basis of a certificate issued by the bodies realizing transport vehicles state registration.
6. In case of transport vehicles belonging to invalid citizens, if their owners have not any medicine reference forbidding transport vehicles driving and the installed drive device is checked up, it is allowable to transfer from normal driving to hand driving.  
4.7. Modification and documentation order:
1. While a transport vehicle being provided with equipment and reassembled, a new registration certificate with indication of a new model, chassis, frame, body and engine numbers is issued to a vehicle owner. Provision with equipment and reassembly from the previous model (the name of previous one is indicated) and also a number of previous registration certificate and series are indicated in the division "Registration reason". A year of a vehicle being provided with  equipment and reassembled is indicated in the "Output year" division of a registration certificate.
2. In case of a transport vehicle model and modification are not changed however body, engine, frame are changed as well body type modification for freight transport vehicles, by a new registration certificate issue their registration features are reflected in record-keeping indicators on  the basis of documents confirming these parts purchase being in correspondence with  the legality and if a modification date, marking by plant and others are confirmed by the documents, an aggregate output year is indicated.
3. Transport vehicles modified for the activity by fluid gas are re-registered on the basis of the act on a vehicle corresponding to technical terms submitted by a vehicle owner  and other documents intended in this Regulation.     
4., Freight automobiles provided with gas-bag system for use of compressed natural gas as the engine fuel at mobile repair plants, manufacture enterprises, mobile technical service stations, large motor organizations indicated in the list confirmed by Ministries and head offices to which transport vehicles belong and having proper technological equipment and production basis for this work as well tested with compressed air by fuel supply system at the "Motor transport" State Concern trial stations (points) can be re-registered.   
5. A document on the permission of the automobiles modified from a benzene model into a gas-bag model working with compressed natural gas and on the provided with new equipment and reassembled automobile with tested fuel system as well confirming their correspondence to the technical terms after their fuel system modification and testing is a deed of assignment. This document is very important for re-registration process of the automobiles provided  with equipment and reassembled for the activity with compressed gas. Reassembled automobiles are provided with new indexes.
6. Transport vehicles which owners change and those which have been taken away from the area of their being serviced by bodies realizing state registration, are re-registered in a new record-keeping area.
7. While several persons are indicated in a contract on vehicle present or an inheritance right certificate, a presented or inherited transport vehicle is registered in the name of one of them by their all written consent.
8. Transport vehicle transfer from a husband's name into a wife's name is allowed to be carried out only on the basis of their mutual application and a certificate issued by a notary which gives ownership right to the common property share.