Changing of driving license

GUIDE about the rules of examining the persons intending to get driving license that gives the right to drive auto motor vehicles and their trailers, issuance and change of driving licenses

6. Rules of changing driving licenses, substituting them for new licenses when they are lost.

6.1 The following cases are grounds for the change of driving license:
- Expiry of validity period;
- Changing the name, surname and patronymic of the bearer;
- Inaccuracy disclosure in writing
- Its becoming useless;
- Its loss;
- Changing the driving licenses within the country as a result of the application of its new model.

6.2 Changing the driving license is carried out according to the bearer’s application form relevant to the Annex 6 to this Guide, medical reference about the bearer’s fitting for driving vehicles of appropriate category and the document certifying the personality, during a day without exam in REP and by maintaining previous categories. This case concerns the former USSR model driving licenses of Azerbaijan Republic citizens.

6.3 Fee in the amount specified by the legislation is paid for changing the driving license. The driving license is changed at BSTPD’s expense without paying fee by the bearer, in cases provided in the fourth paragraph of the item 6.1 of this Guide.

6.4 If the driving license is lost, the new one is issued according to the respective remarks of STP services of the region or city (in which the bearer is registered) rendered on written application. Presentation of certifying document of REP that had issued a certificate on finishing educational institution or the lost driving license may be required in case of need.

6.5 If the driving license is lost, the bearer is issued appropriate license for the period provided in item 3.4 of this Guide.

6.5.1 In case of need (if a referral is sent to get answer for request, if some cases in regard to loss of the driving license are investigated), temporary driving license can be issued for a year, as well.

6.6 If old or lost driving licenses are substituted for new ones, series, number and date of issue of the previous driving license should be indicated on this license.

6.7 If previously issued driving licenses of the persons getting new ones are found, these document should be considered invalid and sent to REP.

6.8 Old model driving licenses of professional drivers (third degree) with driver’s qualification certificates (qualification cards) of I and II degree issued by September 1, 1977, should be changed to new driving licenses – “BCE”, “BCD” or “BCDE” categories.

6.9 The driving licenses issued by competent bodies of foreign states pursuant to international standards and period of validity of which has not yet expired, are in force in Azerbaijan Republic not more than 1 year from its validity period.

The driving license is issued to foreign citizens and to persons without citizenship permanently and temporarily living in Azerbaijan Republic, with general grounds.
Notarially certified translation of national or international driving license of foreigners temporarily living in the Republic territory, also those who have lived in foreign countries before and moved to Azerbaijan Republic afterwards, can be ground for getting the driving license. The driving license to such persons can be issued in accordance with their previous categories after medical check-up, examining their theoretical knowledge and driving habits.

Note: 1. Valid national and international driving licenses of the collaborators of diplomatic, embassy and consular representations of foreign countries, international organizations, accredited press agencies and other persons equated to them, are changed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic without medical examination and relevant exams.

Driving license for the persons rendered in this item of the Guide is issued within the periods of validity specified in the V part of the 34th article of the Law of Azerbaijan Republic “On road traffic”. But the period of validity of the driving license within the Republic should not be more than the registration period of the bearer in Azerbaijan Republic. Depending on persons’ will, their foreign driving license can be given back to them.

6.10 If the driving license of persons indicated in the item 6.9 of this Guide causes any doubt, appropriate inquiries may be held by the REP through “Interpol” National Central Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic, embassy and consular services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other bodies provided by the legislation. Respective inquiries about the persons indicated in “Note” part of the item 6.9 of the Guide may be made only through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After getting relevant answer, a decision pursuant to the existing legislation is taken about the final issuance of the driving license.

6.11 Centralized record of driving licenses is kept by the REP.
Accounting registration of driving licenses is conducted. If examining and issuance of driving licenses are executed through direct method via computer, appropriate protocol and registration is also legalized by the extract from a computer and signature of the bearer on the card itself is considered basis for getting a driving license.

7. The rules of preparation, supply and maintenance of driving documents and other materials.

7.1 By principal documents for issuance and change of a driving license, list of persons studying in educational group and courses and resolution of the medical commission, driving license of persons suspended from driving vehicles, substituted licenses or licenses entered to REP by being found later, as well as unrequired driving licenses, deprivation date of driving right of which has expired are kept for 2 years as archive documents, protocols of exam commission for 10 years and register on issuance of driving license for 60 years. 

7.2 Archive documents are avoided by appropriately making act in REP when the date of storage is expired.

7.3 Blanks provided in Annex 1 to this Guide are made on order of BSTPD.

7.4 Medical reference and the certificate on finishing the educational institution are given back to the driver together with driving license after filling all information columns.

7.5 Requiring other documents from the persons intending to get driving license, besides the documents provided by this Guide is not allowed.

7.6 Bearer of the driving license may apply for red tape or for rejecting it while getting the license.

7.7 This Guide comes into force from the date of its registration in the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic.