Informations 19 “June” 2017-th

Main STP Department addresses to legal and physical persons organizing bus tours to the regions within the territory of the country throughout summer

About traffic accidents occurred on the highways of the Republic during 9 months of 2016

08 “October” 2016-th

The measures taken in the field of prevention of traffic accidents have had a positive impact on overall prevention of accidents and increase of their severity across the country, as well as reducing the number of crash deaths and injuries. Thus, 1499 road-traffic accidents were recorded during 9 months of 2016 across the country, as a consequence, 571 died, and 1555 were left injured. The number of the road-traffic accidents has decreased by 164 facts (9,9%), and of the dead by 95 (14,3%), of the injured by 191 (10,9%) in comparison with the relevant period of 2015.  

490 road-traffic accidents were recorded in Baku, as a result, 138 died, and 515 got injured. In comparison with 2015 the number of the road-traffic accidents, the dead and the injured has diminished respectively by 110 facts (18,3%), 37 people (21,1%) and 130 people (20,2 %).

38,6% (579 accidents, 222 dead, 630 injured) of the road-traffic accidents recorded across the country occurred due to overtaking and moving to the way of oncoming vehicle, 23% (346 accidents, 160 dead, 310 injured) due to high speed, 12,3% (164 accidents, 39 dead, 202 injured) due to violations of traffic rules related to passing the cross-roads, and 1,8% (28 accidents, 14 dead, 27 injured) due to drunk driving. 41% (615) of the road-traffic accidents were pedestrian crashes, as a result, 228 pedestrian died, 495 got injured. 41 children and teenagers died, 137 were injured as a result of the accidents registered across the Republic.  

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