Informations 12 “November” 2018-th

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops congratulated the soldiers on the occasion of the military oath

Address of Main State Traffic Police Department to drivers and automobile owners related to changing weather conditions

16 “October” 2017-th

In order to prevent potential traffic accidents and undesirable phenomenas due to changing weather conditions, the Main STP Department brings to the attention of drivers that a special attention must be paid to the technical state of vehicles that they use, particularly to their tires in connection with change of weather conditions and with the transition to the winter season in general, and taking into consideration the high risk of sliding of the vehicles on the road as a result of frequent rainfall, that the vehicles must not be used, of which remaining tread heights of patterns on the protectors of  tires of the automobile (not less than 1,6 mm for light motor vehicles, 1 mm - commercial motor vehicles, 2 mm - busses, 0,8 mm - motorcycles and mopeds) does not meet the requirements of the norms.
Mechanical vehicle drivers have to make sure if the wipers, the screen washers, and the external light devices of the automobile are in working order, and the technically malfunctioning vehicles must not be used.
It is recommended to drivers to be extremely careful in rainy weather conditions, especially when it just started raining, to set the movement speed of the vehicles run by them in accordance with the weather conditions regardless of maximum speed limit permitted in the area, as well as not to overtake without any necessity, and not to make sudden maneuvers and hard brakings.

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