Informations 12 “November” 2018-th

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops congratulated the soldiers on the occasion of the military oath

Information Given By Main State Traffic Police Department Of The Mia

25 “October” 2017-th

The unreasonable discussions are made in social media in recent days regarding the fact that drivers are held accountable for talking to the passengers while drivingand deliberate confusion is created among road users by disclosing incorrect and false information in the mass media which represents as if the relevant amendments have been made in the legislation.      
In regard with this, the Main State Traffic Police Department brings into the attention of the road users, particularly drivers once again that recently, any amendments have not been made in the legislation, regarding the drivers’ talking while operating vehicles and the passengers’ talking while on any vehicle, at the same time, any person has not been or may not be brought to administrative responsibility according to such actions.   
Furthermore, we bring into the attention of drivers that the most of severe road traffic accidents such as pedestrian hit, vehicle crashes and traffic collisions occurred as a result of drivers being distracted, as shown in the analysis of road traffic accidents observed within only 9 months of this year.
In order to prevent traffic accidents resulting in death and injury, and to ensure the traffic safety in general, road users, especially drivers are recommended to be careful while driving any vehicle and strictly comply with traffic rules.

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