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Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops congratulated the soldiers on the occasion of the military oath

Main STP Department’s Address to Drivers Engaging in Load Transportation and Vehicle Owners

16 “December” 2017-th

In accordance with the requirements of the Law “on Road Traffic” of the Republic of Azerbaijan drivers should control the placement, fastening and state of load transported in the vehicles run by them before and while moving in order to prevent their fall and obstracting the traffic. Penalty in the amount of fourty manats is envisaged in the Article 327.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan for infringement of these rules.

Taking into consideration the mentioned administrative offense being revealed by means of special technical instruments having photo and video recording functions in accordance with the Article 122.1 of the same Code, the Main STP Department of MIA brings to the attention of the drivers and the motor vehicle owners that the electronic protocols on the administrative offense are going to be initiated about the drivers of the vehicles in which loads exceeding the size specified by the legislation, limiting the driver's sight distance,  raising dust, contaminating the road and the environment, covering external light signals,  light deflectors, registration plates and recognition signs, as well as grain, grass, fodder and other spillable loads without covering are carried, which is the violation of the load transportation rules.
Taking into account the abovementioned facts, as well as detection and documentation of the foregoing infringements without involvement of the STP officers, it is recommended to the drivers and vehicle owners who are engaging in this activity to strictly obey the load transportation rules.

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