The Main State Traffic Police Department informs vehicle drivers and owners that the technical inspection of vehicles is continuing.

07 “July” 2018-th

The inspection period for light motor vehicles produced in the CIS countries based on the base models of foreign countries was determined as from May 1 to August 1. In order to prevent traffic density in the last days of July, the technical inspection center of the Main STP Department located in Mashtagha settlement, Sabunchu district, Baku city supplied with modern equipment and measuring devices, and all other regional registration and examination and technical inspection offices in regions are operating each day of the week.    
The vehicle drivers or owners who present vehicles for the technical inspection are advised in order to prevent extra time loss during the inspection that they shall apply after the payment of penalties imposed over the case on administrative offense against the rules of road traffic and provision of road traffic safety, entered into force pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Road Traffic” is made. It is also important to present vehicles for the technical inspection in good condition.  

You can get information about the unpaid penalty amount or valid penalty point based on the compiled administrative protocol on the official websites of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Main STP Department on the "Information about penalties and penalty points" section by entering the details of the driving license, moreover payment can be made by plastic card over confirmed and unconfirmed protocols by registering on internet portal.     

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