APPEAL of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to legal entities and individuals engaged in freight transportation in connection with the foggy weather conditions.

28 February 2023-rd

“Despite the fact that MSTPD has warned repeatedly about the violation of the law in cases of freight transportation exceeding the norm by means of vehicles, observations show that cases of similar rule violations by some drivers are still found.

Transportation of freight that exceed the norm and while also being improperly packed poses a threat to the life and health of other road users, as well as reduces the service life of asphalt roads and causes them to be deformed.

Taking into account these and other points, we once again inform legal entities and individuals engaged in freight transportation that, regardless of its destination, any freight should not exceed the mass limits determined by the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In addition, because visibility on the roadways is limited owing to foggy weather conditions, special attention should be made to the packing of perishable items. Otherwise, legal action will be taken against those individuals."

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