Informations 06 September 2023-rd

Information of the Main State Traffic Police Department on the rules of payment of administrative fines applied to citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan visiting the Republic of Georgia through electronic services in our country

INFORMATION of the Main State Traffic Police Department on holding the "Clean Air" month in the territory of the Republic

01 May 2023-rd

The Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, together with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, launched the "Clean Air" month on the territory of the republic from May 1 to June 1.

The main goal of holding the "Clean Air" month event is to prevent air pollution with harmful substances contained in the export gases of motor vehicles.

In connection with the event, the Main State Traffic Police Department once again brings to the attention of vehicle owners, drivers, as well as the heads of motor transport enterprises that, the cars they use can be allowed to operate after the fuel system is adjusted and ensuring that the composition of export gases complies with the standards.

Individuals and legal entities who drive and put into operation vehicles with polluting substances in excess of the specified norm in waste discharged into the environment are responsible in the manner established by the legislation.

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