Informations 13 February 2024-th

Action has been taken against the driver who drove onto the highway in a faulty car

MSTP Administration supports social projects related to traffic safety

12 May 2023-rd

The social pedagogical project "Nardivanchi" announced the educational video competition "I know the traffic rules" with the support of the State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The purpose of the competition is to impart knowledge and skills related to traffic rules to students using modern methods and to achieve that educators in this field use the video materials that will be created within the project as teaching aids.

In accordance with the objectives of the relevant State Program currently being implemented in our country, the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which notes that supporting civil society institutions in the promotion of traffic safety is a priority direction of its activities, calls on the educational community to actively participate in the competition.

Detailed information about the competition was given on the Facebook page of the "Nardivanchi" project.

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