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Appeal of the Main STP Department of the MIA to road participants on the beginning of a new school year

About traffic accidents occurred on the highways of the Republic during 3 months of 2016

11 April 2016-th

The measures taken in the field of prevention of traffic accidents have had a positive impact on overall prevention of accidents and increase of their severity across the country, as well as reducing the number of crash deaths and injuries. Thus, 419 road-traffic accidents were recorded during 3 months of 2016 across the country, as a consequence, 143 died, and 453 were left injured. The number of the road-traffic accidents has decreased by 110 facts (20,8%), and of the dead by 80 (35,9%), of the injured by 102 (18,4%) in comparison with the relevant period of 2015.

147 road-traffic accidents were recorded in Baku, as a result, 31 died, and 160 got injured. In comparison with 2015 the number of the road-traffic accidents, the dead and the injured has diminished respectively by 60 facts (29%), 37 people (54,4%) and 61 people (27,6 %).
36,9% (155 accidents, 52 dead, 183 injured) of the road-traffic accidents recorded across the country occurred due to overtaking and moving to the way of oncoming vehicle, 24,3% (102 accidents, 43 dead, 89 injured) due to high speed, 13,8% (58 accidents, 10 dead, 81 injured) due to violations of traffic rules related to passing the cross-roads, and 1,1% (5 accidents, 2 dead, 5 injured) due to drunk driving. 40,8% (171) of the road-traffic accidents were pedestrian crashes, as a result, 64 pedestrian died, 119 got injured. 5 traffic accidents occurred due to violations of traffic rules by pedestrians. 9 children and teenagers died, 35 were injured as a result of the accidents registered across the Republic.

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