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Appeal of the Main STP Department of the MIA to road participants on the beginning of a new school year

Address to legal and physical persons engaged in taxi business in the territory of Republic

22 March 2017-th

According to the instructions of the Head of country, considerable work has been recently executed in the development of tourism infrastructure in the republic and formation of tourism services meeting international standards, the legislative framework in this area and State regulation mechanisms have been improved, expanding access to existing tourism potential new tourist routes have been created that it caused to increase the influx of tourists.

Unfortunately, the provision of taxi service by individuals engaging in transport sector, implementation of passenger traffic by technically disordered autos that do not meet safety requirements and exceeded the their service lives, cast a shadow over the ongoing large-scale work and create an unpleasant impression about our country.

Note that according to the requirement of existing legislation, the carrier should implement passenger transportation such a vehicle that provides comfort and safety of passengers within the defined territory, and that is technically in a good condition, and that is considered for such kind of transportation. For exterior taxi should be supplied with relevant light along with the sign of “Taxi”, with the squares placed in the form of the chess on the left and right doors, for interier it should be provided with a taximeter, as well as, information board containing the surname, name, photo of driver and the name, address, phone number of carrier (physical and legal person). Taxi driver should bring his car to a halt in the special places that are marked with the sign of 5.14 and that are defined by relevant organizations, not where they want,
Main STP Department informs the pyhsical and legal persons engaging in taxi business once again that Responsible persons will be brought to administrative responsibility for the implementation of passenger traffic by vehicles that do not meet the mentioned requirements, and that are not supplied with the sign of “Taxi”,Taximeter, and that do not contain other important indicators defined on based of the passengers and baggage transportation rules, as well as, for a halt aside from the places marked with the sign of 5.14 with the purpose of taking order.

Hope that those who love his land will regard the national interests more important than its interest, and will do its best to further increase the economic power of the state, performing his duty duly.

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