Address of Main STP Department to the Legal and physical entities who owns automotive vehicle on the conclusion of compulsory insurance contract

01 June 2017-th

According to the requirements of the Law “on Road Traffic” of the Republic of Azerbaijan the vehicles civil liability of the owners of which have not been insured in compliance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic should not be allowed to present in the road traffic of the Republic of Azerbaijan territory. By the Law “on Compulsory Insurances” of the Republic of Azerbaijan, due to not concluding a compulsory insurance contract with an insurer by vehicle owners who has been assigned to insure the civil liability on a compulsory basis are fined as physical entities - fifty, official entities - hundred and legal entities - three hundred manats according to the article 469.3 of the Code of administrative Offences of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Taking into consider that the recorded administrative offence is revealed by the help of special technical means having photo and video recording functions in accordance with the article 122.1 of the same Code, MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) Main STP Department brings to attention of the automative vehicle owners that, the electronic protocols on an administrative offense about automative vehicle owners without a compulsory insurance contract with insurer will be drawn up from the date of 07.06.2017.

Therefore we recommend to pay attention to the term of compulsory insurances contract and remind that because of not to conclude the compulsory insurances contract envisaged by the current legislation the person brought to the administrative responsibility shall enter into the compulsory insurances contract in 20 days. In this period of time the person is not held administratively responsible for the commitment of the same act. However, if the compulsory insurance contract is not concluded within 20 days upon revealing of the offence, as the given time passes by, electronic protocols on administrative offence will be redrawn up about the automative vehicle owner (registered person during the last state-registration based on vehicle lease contract or power of attorney regarding to use or give orders on it, driver of a vehicle owned or used by a legal entity, otherwise the owner of the vehicle).


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