Address to legal and natural persons of Main STP Department in regard with provision of information about vehicle users

08 January 2018-th

Recently, some drivers express different opinions in separate websites and social networks that they faced difficulties to implement payments due to the rejection of penalty amounts over the electronic protocols for administrative offenses, revealed by means of special technical instruments, which have functions of taking photos and recording videos, by banks or to the issuance of several decisions in a day on the protocols for violation of the rules on different dates.
In this regard, the Main STP Department of the MIA brings to the attention of vehicle owners once more that according to the requirements of the Law “On Traffic Rules” of the Republic of Azerbaijan, during the registration or reregistration of vehicles the natural persons shall submit the addresses where they are registered or residing in, mobile telephones numbers, and if available, E-mails as well as the numbers of driving licenses and the legal persons the applicable details of them to whom they assigned driving vehicles to the authority executing state registration, and should update those information in case of any change.
Unfortunately, as some legal and natural persons do not update those information timely, it does not become possible to send the documents which were electronically prepared about them through post in an official manner, and to make decision on the regarding protocols. Such protocols are only issued in an official manner to the drivers when they are stopped while using while using vehicles, and when the documents are issued in one day, the decisions are also made on that day. It is obvious that in such case, the more a person violated the rules, the more penalty he/she will be obliged to pay.
In order to avoid the mentioned, as well as the additional waste of time when the vehicles are stopped and the relevant documents are submitted, the motor vehicle owners are asked to appeal to the regional devisions over the territory on registration, examination and maintenance through post or to the website of the Main STP Department through the webpage of “Online Appeal” in regard with the update of the foregoing details in one day from the change.

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