It must be kept clean so that the vehicle's state registration mark appears.

26 November 2018-th

The State Traffic Police Department informs drivers that according to the requirements of the Law “On Road Traffic”, for the appearance of the state registration mark of the moving vehicle, it must be kept clean. Failure to perform this duty by vehicle drivers is deemed as violation of vehicle operation rules. At present, drivers must pay attention to keep clean their cars, as well as their state registration marks because the possibility of emergence of dirty water or mud on the streets and roads due to the winter season is increasing. However, the cases when some drivers do not keep their cars’ registration marks clean, bringing rainy, drizzly weather as an excuse, and even deliberately dirty up the surfaces of the marks are not acceptable.

We remind that according to Article 342.1.7 of CAO of the RA, it is envisaged to impose a penalty of 40 manats for not keeping the state registration mark of the moving vehicle clean for its appearance.

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