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Information of the Main State Traffic Police Department on the rules of payment of administrative fines applied to citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan visiting the Republic of Georgia through electronic services in our country

International Driver's License

11 December 2018-th

The feeling of psychological tension caused by communication with the driver we don’t know when travelling outside the country, the desire to go somewhere different from the classic tourist destinations, the desire to be somewhat free and leisurely is probably familiar to many of us. For this, you need to either rent or buy a car. However, we should be cautious beforehand in order to fulfil this desire. Having an International Driver’s License can help us in this issue.

Issuance of International Driver’s License is regulated by the 1968 Vienna Convention. The International Driver’s License, widely spread in the practice of many developed countries of the world, is used when renting a car in the foreign countries, passing through the territory of the countries, which are the members of the Convention, by car, during direct or transit cargo or passenger transportations, and allows its owner to independently drive the car outside the country.

The fact that our Republic became a member of the 1968 Vienna Convention allows the citizens having the national driver’s licenses to obtain an International Driver’s License. The International Driver’s License, which solves the problem of difficult reading of ə, ö, ü, ğ and other letters in foreign countries, is published with Latin letters, in German, French, Italian, English, Chinese, and etc. – overall, in 8 languages. Information about the owner of the license is drawn up on the last page of the license in English. The International Driver’s License is valid when the national driver’s license is issued.

Citizens wishing to obtain an International Driver’s License can appeal to the Registration-Examination Department of the Main State Traffic Police Department in Baku, as well as Sumgayit Regional Registration Examination and Technical Review Department by presenting an identification card, a national driver’s license and two coloured photographs in the dimensions of 3x4 and obtain it in a short time.

Those who wish to obtain an International Driver’s License are not required to pass an additional examination to verify their driving skills. The fact that our compatriots, who have benefited from the capabilities of the International Driver’s License during their trips to foreign countries, express their satisfaction gives us a reason to say that this license, which gives its owner comfort and safety, has been tested successfully.

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