Informations 29 “July” 2019-th

Information from the Main State Traffic Police Department regarding the use of traffic -patrol car model

Information from the State Traffic Police Office

14 “January” 2019-th

In order to avoid road accidents and various unpleasant situations that may arise due to the sharp change in weather conditions, the Main STP Office informs drivers that they must be careful when driving the vehicles, including the maintenance of their vehicle's technical receptivity, particularly the tire's seasonal compliance, and recommended to assess the weather condition correctly while driving.

Taking into account the possibility of ice on some roads, it would be better not to use the vehicles not complying with the requirements of the height of the patterns of the protectors of the tires (for passenger cars, it should be not less than 1.6 mm, for trucks – 1mm, for bus 2mm, for motorcycles and mopeds0.8 mm).
Drivers are recommended not to drive the old cars, not having winter-season tires, having much run period, not equipped with "ABS" brake systems, to select the speed of the vehicle according weather conditions, not to override unnecessarily, and not do sudden maneuvers and do not sudden brake.

Before driving, drivers of mechanical vehicles should clean the snow on the car and the windscreen, make sure that windshield wipers, as well as external light devices are in good condition, and the cooling system of the engine and wipers are provided with unfreezing liquid, and there is chain and rope in the car.

       Taking into account the possibility of hazard to life and health of themselves and others by the drivers who have less practice on driving on snowy, foggy roads and having less than 3 years of driving experience who drive in such weather conditions is high, such drivers are kindly asked not to drive vehicles during such weather conditions.

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