Art competition

04 April 2019-th

The State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan announces an art competition among children and adolescents on the subject of “TRAFFIC RULES WITH THE EYES OF CHILDREN”.
The competition is aimed at developing knowledge and skills on traffic safety among children and adolescents, enhancing awareness of traffic rules, protecting the environment from harmful effects of transport, and promoting public solidarity in preventing child traumatism.
Other art samples on the defined subject may also be submitted to the competition.

Competition rules:
•   The presented works should be on the defined subjects;
•   Children aged 7 to 16 can take part in the competition;
•   Works presented for the competition will not be returned;
•   If the participant's documents are incomplete or not corresponding to the facts, the submitted work will not be accepted to the competition;
•   An author can submit two or more works to the competition;
•   The participant should mention his/her name and age on the work (the right lower corner of the work is recommended);
• If there are fundamental doubts about the author of the work submitted to the competition, then the work will be not accepted to the competition;
•   The works will be accepted from 05.04.2019 to 25.05.2019;
•   Winners will be announced on 30.05.2019.

Evaluation criteria and rules for determining the winners:
• Coverage of the topic;
• Information share for the audience;
• Style characteristics, artistic-aesthetic level of submitted work;
• Impartiality and responsibility;
• Protection of public interests.

The works are evaluated by the selection criteria listed above and the winners of the I, II and III places are determined.
Admission rules:
• Only the original art or other art samples should be submitted to the competition.
• The art works should be submitted by mail or directly to the Department of the Promotion of Transport Safety and Public Affairs of the Traffic Police Office every day except Sundays from 10:00 to 17:00.
• Photos of works to be submitted to the competition should be sent to

Required documents:
• Information about the participants' education, social activities and so on;
• Copy of participant's ID Card;
• Information on the residential address and contact details.
Incentive events and awarding the winners:
• The winners of the competition will be awarded with gifts.
• The results of the competition will be widely covered in the media and the selected works will be used in print documents of propaganda- and advocacy character.
• Collection of the selected works will be published in the form of an album.

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