Appeal of Main State Traffic Police Department

27 June 2019-th

      Due to the start of the summer season, the harvesting, transporting agricultural products in most regions of the republic, as well as visits of the people working in this field to sown areas has increased.

          For the prevention of traffic accidents that may occur during the course of this works, traffic rules must be strictly adhered to, attention must always be paid to the driving skills of drivers on highways and the fact that the machinery is in good condition.

          Unfortunately, sometimes there are cases that contradict the traffic safety rules, such as movement of large-scale agricultural machinery, including combines, saddle tractors, mower machinery and etc., as well as technically disordered vehicles on the traffic roads, transportation of people in the saddles of tractors and carriage of products in vehicles without packaging, which in turn can limit the circle of visibility in these roads and eventually lead to the occurrence of severe traffic accidents.

         In order to prevent the occurrence of such cases, agricultural machinery must always be kept in good condition and safety rules must be observed when transporting people and products, the predetermined traffic routes must not be exceeded and the speed regime must be observed.

          If an appeal is made about the accompaniment of agricultural equipment in an organized transport group, the STP is ready to take all the necessary measures.

          The driver, who follows the safety rules during transportations, protects the lives and health of both himself and other traffic participants from the severe consequences of traffic accidents.

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