Executives of the Main State Traffic Police Department held another event

01 July 2019-th

Executives of the Main State Traffic Police Department carry out an awareness event for the next time against pedestrians who cross the car road at unspecified locations and do not use over ground and underground footbridges.  The main keynote of the event was the provision of pedestrian safety, effective use of existing pedestrian footbridges, active participation of associates in promoting road safety during the events held in the Baku-Sumgayit highway and various streets and avenues of Baku.
During the events, pedestrians who outraged traffic regulations were detained by the State Traffic Police, educational talks were held with each of them beside with implementation of administrative liability measures and they were exhaustingly informed about requirements of traffic law, the rights and obligations of pedestrians. Adequate measures have been taken by Traffic Police Service executives in order to ensure that mostly elderly pedestrians who do not use over ground footbridges can cross the road safely. Activities for education of pedestrians are being continued in accordance with the goals of the “State Program on Road Safety in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2019-2023”.

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