Informations 09 July 2020-th

On the number of road participants being subject to administrative responsibility for the violation of special quarantine regime and the measures taken on 08.07.2020

Recommendation to car owners from the Main State Traffic Police Department

17 July 2019-th

Our observations demonstrate that car owners leave the vehicle keys to the personnel of the points of repair and car wash services in most cases. These cases create the opportunity for the people who work at those points and who are usually young and irresponsible, to misuse vehicles unaccompanied by their owners. In addition to the abuse customer´s confidence, serious cases of road traffic accidents that have resulted in deaths and injuries are derailed by such young men who outrage the law by stealing a car entrusted to them.  Nonetheless, sometimes, there are people who commit a theft from vehicles they must serve and use them as their own property. Therefore, we recommend car owners to try to stay near to the repair and car wash points while using their services and to trust your car not to randomly acquainted people but to the responsible and professional staff.  Keep in mind, sometimes, a case we neglected can lead to consequences that cannot be recovered.

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