Information from the Main State Traffic Police Department regarding the use of traffic -patrol car model

29 July 2019-th

Models of traffic-patrol cars have been installed on roads in our country in order to prevent traffic violations, to beef driving discipline up and to further improve of the traffic culture. Experience shows that drivers who see traffic-patrol service on the road, in major cases, increase their sense of responsibility and discipline and they try to follow the rules to avoid administrative liability. Traffic Patrol Service model car also avoids a traffic accident until an undisciplined driver realize he was wrong, at the same time, there will be hesitancy in the idea of violation traffic rules and he or she will tend to be disciplined. This method, which is now extensively used in Russia, Turkey and other countries, gives effective results in minimizing the number of traffic accidents.The layout of the models, remotely indistinguishable to the original Traffic Patrol Service cars,        will be frequently changed in terms of efficiency. Models supplied with devices with blue glowing fixtures will be used in the future with more innovative applications in order to attract the driver's attention in the dark time of the day and in the limited condition of visibility. At present, these mobile models are considered to be installed on traffic roads and highways that are likely to be visible to traffic participants and as well as highways that are more likely to collision and the process has already begun. These or other related events undertaken by the State Police Department in order to protect the security of traffic participants are absolutely aimed at preventing traffic accidents and ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers. Note that, these models are controlled by cameras and Traffic Patrol Service executives and damaging state-owned models creates administrative liability. 

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