Informations 31 July 2020-th

On the number of road participants being subject to administrative responsibility for the violation of special quarantine regime and the measures taken on 30.07.2020

Traffic Police holds another awareness-raising event.

02 September 2019-th

Drawing leaflets prepared by the Main State Traffic Police Department are presented to drivers and pedestrians one more time. The employees of the MSTPD took part in the event held at the stationary posts of STP.

The main essence of the event is to educate the traffic participants, as well as introduce to drivers the drawings on leaflets related to traffic safety drawn by the children, to which the leaflets are dedicated and encourage them not to violate traffic rules.

Such an awareness-raising event is welcomed so positively by the traffic participants and the drawings by children attract big interest.
Main State Traffic Police Department wishes all traffic participants safe travels and asks them to follow the traffic rules.

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