Informations 06 August 2020-th

Appeal of the Main STP Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to legal entities and individuals on technical inspection of vehicles

The Head State Traffic Police Office is holding another awareness raising event

27 September 2019-th

Continuous education and outreach activities by the Head Traffic Police Department are dedicated to the growing number of cyclists and moped drivers in our country.
For example, booklets prepared by the Head Traffic Police Department in Masazir, Khirdalan and Binagadi districts of Absheron district were presented to the participants in order to remind them again of the requirements that bicycles and moped drivers must comply with.

Officers of the Head State Traffic Police, who were present at the event, advised bicyclists and moped drivers to comply with traffic rules and not to jeopardize other traffic participants and themselves by traveling just on the right side of the road. Do not carry a load that prevents steering, should use a safety helmet and not use your phone while on the move.
Such preventive education activities are ongoing throughout the country.

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