State Traffic Police together with Young Traffic Inspectors hold an educational event

05 October 2019-th

According to the instruction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a security month under the title "Attention, children" has been launched in the country since September 15 due to the beginning of the new school year.
Monthly enlightenment and outreach activities are different. A group of Young Traffic Inspectors, who represent our country properly at international meetings, joined the ongoing campaign by the Main State Traffic Police.

For example, the Young Traffic Police officers, who are not indifferent to the attitude of the roadblocks to the safety rules, especially the dangers that their peers may face on the road, are sent by drivers and pedestrians by the State Highway Traffic Police Department. and presented to pedestrians.

Training of children and adolescents on the traffic rules and the awareness of traffic participants, including safety rules at intersections, pedestrian crossings, overtaking of motorbike and seat belt, etc. These booklets, dedicated to such rules, also serve to further the development of road culture in the community.

It is no coincidence that the educational activities and promotional materials in this format are welcomed by traffic participants, with great interest in children's paintings. We also believe that "child language" recommendations will not be forgotten by adults.
The Head State Traffic Police wishes all traffic participants safe and asks them to follow the traffic rules.

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