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Appeal of the Main STP Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to legal entities and individuals on technical inspection of vehicles

This time Head State Traffic Police has educated passengers

11 October 2019-th

In accordance with the goals of the "State Program on Road Safety in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2019-2023", as well as direct instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the provision of safety in the field of passenger transportation, Head State Traffic Police Department's increased attention to conducting preventive measures, educational meetings..

Employees of the State Traffic Police attempted to inform the passengers about the dangers they might face on the road, informing the passengers about the recommended electronic and printed materials prepared by the Head State Traffic Police Office at the Baku International Bus Station.

Thus, in this informative material, passengers are advised to pay attention to the drivers that they trust in their life and to comply with traffic rules while driving the vehicle.
In particular, passengers are asked not to engage in conversations that might distract the driver's attention while driving on vehicles, to challenge drivers involved in such conversations, to challenge drivers who use mobile phones while driving vehicles, and urge them to be disciplined.

Passengers are also urged to report directly to Hotline 902 of the State Traffic Police Department about drivers who have violated traffic rules.
It is no coincidence that the awareness campaigns and promotional materials provided by this show have received positive feedback from the passengers.
The Head State Traffic Police once again wishes all participants a safe route and asks them to follow the traffic rules.

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