This time, Baku Head State Traffic Police Department enlightened the passengers in Guba city

19 November 2019-th

In accordance with the purposes of "State Program on the traffic safety in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2019-2023", at the same time, in accordance with direct instructions of the administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs related to the provision of the movement safety in the field of the passenger transportation, more attention was given by Baku Head State Traffic Police Department to the implementation of preventive measures, enlightenment meetings.
This time, the employees of STP submitted to the passengers recommendation information, made by Baku State Head Traffic Police Department in electron and printed material format, and try to inform them about the dangers with which they can faced on a way.
Thus, these informative materials recommends to give attention to the observance by the drivers, to which they trusted their lives, of the traffic rules while they drive the vehicles, not to remain indifferent in relation to their illegal actions. Especially the passengers were asked not to talk about different subjects that can divert the driver's attention while he drives the vehicle, to raise an objection to the drivers who take part in such talking, to raise an objection to the drivers who speak on the phone during the driving the vehicle, violate the traffic rules, to suggest them to observe the discipline.

The passengers were also asked immediately inform Baku Head State Traffic Police Department about the drivers who grossly violate the traffic rules by "902" hot-line.
It’s no coincidence that the passengers accept with the interest such format of organized enlightenment events and donated popularization materials, as well gave them positive feedback.
Baku Head State Traffic Police Department wishes everybody safety travels to all the road users and asks them to observe the traffic rules.

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