Informations 06 August 2020-th

Appeal of the Main STP Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to legal entities and individuals on technical inspection of vehicles

Call of Head State Traffic Police Department

21 November 2019-th

In accordance with the information provided by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the weather forecast says that the weather will change from today.
Related to it, in order to prevent the auto accidents and other unpleasant accidents, Head State Traffic Police Department asked to the drivers to be more careful while the driving vehicle, to select the limit of the speed of movement in accordance with the weather, to avoid abrupt deceleration, overtaking and other maneuvers without any necessity.

There is the probability of the glaciation of the roads on some mountain territories of the country,  that is why the Department asked unexperienced drivers not to drive the vehicle in such weather.
Also, the pedestrians, taking into consideration the change of the weather, must observe the safety measures more strictly. The Department recommended to the pedestrians to wear gaudy dress when they go out at night time or in low visibility conditions, to cross the road not to create a danger for themselves and other road users.

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