Appeal by the Main State Traffic Police Department

02 January 2020-th

Our observations show that in recent days, there has been an increase in the number of cases where our citizens cross the highway through the places not intended for pedestrians.
We remind our citizens once again that the carriageway should only be passed through the overpass and underpass or places intended for pedestrians.
In addition, pedestrians should definitely look right and left when crossing the road, and should use reflective clothing during the dark time of the day, taking into consideration the fact that it gets darker earlier due to winter season.  

It is unacceptable to run towards the oncoming vehicles, to cross the road talking on a mobile phone, to isolate the surrounding sounds by wearing earphones. You must cross the road after making sure that the car is completely stopped.
At the same time, we ask the drivers to be careful when crossing pedestrian crossings, not to hurry, to allow pedestrians at pedestrian crossings to cross the road freely.

In addition, we recommend to proper use lighting devices, to follow the speed limit on the road and to drive the car at minimum speed limit, especially in dark times of the day and rainy weather condition.
Main State Traffic Police Department once again congratulates the traffic participants on New Year’s holiday and wishes them safe travels.
Every traffic participant must remember that their family members are waiting for him.

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