Information on Admission to Service Courses

04 February 2020-th

Main State Traffic Police Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announces admission to training courses for the position of Road patrol inspector (ordinary and senior executive personnel).

The courses can be attended by male citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic with higher or secondary vocational education, or full secondary education, having the right to drive a car, having a clear speech, age from 20 to 25 years, with height over 180 centimeters, sports physique, fully completed their military service, who have not previously been convicted, or whose close relatives have not been convicted of deliberate serious crimes (with the exception of close relatives convicted of negligent crimes and do not represent a serious public danger), corresponding to the requirements specified in "Regulations on service in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan Republic".

Persons who have successfully completed the courses and who have successfully passed the exams will be assigned to the vacant RPS inspector of the STP.

Persons wishing to take part in the courses should contact the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Baku city, Khirdalan-Binagadi 4 highway) every working day from 20:00 to 2020 and submit the following documents:

    identity card
    document about education
    military ID card
    employment history (upon availability)
    driving license
    reference on absence of conviction

Contact phones:   +99412 590 81 10, +99412 590 81 39

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