Repeated appeal of the State Traffic Police to drivers and pedestrians due to weather conditions

11 February 2020-th

In recent days, in order to prevent possible accidents that may occur due to changes in weather conditions and lower temperatures, snowfall and icing of roads in certain sections in most regions of the republic, as well as in the capital of Baku, the Main Directorate of the State Traffic Police recommends drivers to be very attentive and careful in the morning and evening hours, especially when crossing bridges, do not slow down sharply, given the high probability of vehicles slipping, so that in such weather conditions drivers with little driving experience do not drive a car, if possible, do not use cars whose tires do not correspond to the winter season, choose the distance between the cars and speed in accordance with the conditions, do not overtake unnecessarily, do not make sharp maneuvers, and for pedestrians, taking into account the fact that approaching cars will not be able to stop at a short distance due to the fact that the asphalt is covered with ice, to cross the road only through the places reserved for them, not to walk along the roadway.

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