Informations 09 July 2020-th

On the number of road participants being subject to administrative responsibility for the violation of special quarantine regime and the measures taken on 08.07.2020

Information of Main Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs related to the traffic limitation on the territory of the Republic

23 March 2020-th

With purpose of the prevention of coronavirus, based on the decision made by Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministry, starting from 00.00 on March 24 till April 20, except for the movement of vehicles of special destination, including ambulance, rescue-and-recovery, rescue vehicles, as well trucks, the entrance of the vehicles, registered in cities and regions of the republic, and their passengers to Baku city, Sumgayit city and Absheron region, as well the running of vehicles, registered in Baku city, Sumgayit city and Absheron region, as well their drivers and passengers to other cities and regions of the republic will be limited.

Taking into consideration increase of the limitation period, as well the application of the prohibition to both directions, Main STP Department of the MIA informs the traffic participants, that those who at present is in any city and region outside his/ her registration address will be able to pass especially organized examining posts only in direction of his/ her registration territory.
Main STP Department of the MIA repeatedly ask the traffic participants, especially drivers to take into consideration, that the prohibition will come into force on the night from March 23 to March 24, and to strictly observe special quarantine regime applied with purpose of protection of the health of population.

We hope, that each citizen of our republic will approach to our apply with responsibility and demonstrate his/ her citizen position in the prevention of dangerous virus, assisting in the measures taken by police in the field of provision of the people safety.

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