Appeal of the Main STP Department of the MIA to the traffic participants

25 March 2020-th

Although it is the second day of the declaration of a quarantine regime in the country, unfortunately the fact that the traffic on the roads of the country, especially in the south region, is still high, as well as return of about 2000 cars driven by the persons registered in Baku city, Sumgayit city and Absheron district and up to 1200 cars running from the districts to the capital shows that some citizens don’t take into consideration the seriousness of applied quarantine regime.
However those drivers and passengers were informed with preventive conversations, returned people retry to pass the checkpoints, cause the crowd in the checkpoints using unfounded excuses, and block the movement of other vehicles allowed to run.
Also despite that the country citizens were advised to stay home regardless of the registration place in order to minimize the spreading of the infection by Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers, coming of the persons that is not registered in Baku city, Sumgayit city and Absheron district, in the direction of the capital traveling long distances with the intention of entering these areas, as well as the desire of the citizens of abovementioned district and cities to go to the districts result in the suffering of themselves and their passengers, unnecessary spending and being forced to go back.
In order to prevent abovementioned situations, Main STP Department repeatedly asks the traffic participants that want to go to the capital or districts to follow approved rules. Otherwise, the drivers and passengers that break the quarantine regime rules will be held accountable in accordance with the law.

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