Information of the Main STP Department of the MIA about the stop of hijacked vehicle

17 April 2020-th

According to the information received on the hijacking of a “BMW” car with state registration plate 99-RG-740 from the territory of Absheron district on 16.04.2020, mentioned vehicle was found to move in Binagadi district on 17.04.2020 at around 03:30, driver of the vehicle was warned to stop by road-patrol service inspectors serving in the patrol car of the State Traffic Police Department of Binagadi District Police Department. However, the driver did not obey the warning and crash a “Fiat Doblo” car belonging to the post-patrol service of the Binagadi District Police Department and continued to drive towards the city, hit a “Hyundai Sonata” car with state registration plate 90-OH-051 moving in the Narimanov district at around 04:00, as a result of the collision, a “Hyundai Sonata” car hit and injured traffic police inspector of Main Police Department of Baku city of State Traffic Police Department, a police sergeant Etibar Mammadov serving as a foot patrol officer next to a “BMW” patrol car in the area. As a result of operative measures, the hijacked car was stopped on the spot, previously convicted Aghabayov Ramazan Sultan, born in 1983, tried to attack the police officers using cold-arms, but was immediately rendered harmless due to the alertness of the officers.
An investigation is being carried out.

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