Appeal of the Main STP Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to legal entities andindividuals on technical inspection of vehicles

25 November 2020-th

Residents of Baku, Sumgayit and Absheron districts who have received SMS information aboutthe expiration of the technical inspection of vehicles in use must submit their vehicles fortechnical inspection: in the Technical Inspection Center located in the Sabunchu district of thecapital, Inspection Center which was newly commissioned and equipped with modern equipmentand measuring devices located on the 2nd kilometer (near the Sadarak Shopping Center) of theroad from Lokbatan circle of Garadagh district of the capital to Yeni Yasamal residential areaalong with Sumgayit Regional Registration-Examination and Technical Inspection Department,while other city and district residents in the Regional registration-examination and technicalinspection departments of the MSTP to which the area of residence belongs.

Taking into account the impact of technical condition of the vehicle on the road traffic safety, theMain STP Department of MIA once again presents to the attention of drivers that depending onthe purpose and production year driving vehicles which have not been inspected within theperiod provided by the law is revealed through the special technical means and people who madesuch mistake are administratively liable in accordance with Article 339.1-1 of the Code ofAdministrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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