Appeal of the Main STP Department of the MIA to traffic participants

01 February 2021-st

From today, the start of full-time education for primary classes, as well as the restoration of work in many service areas has led to an increase in the traffic intensity of vehicles and pedestrians on the roads, streets and avenues, especially in areas where secondary schools are located.

Taking these into account, the Main State Traffic Police Department urges all drivers to strictly follow traffic rules, especially drivers who take students to schools in private vehicles and, without violating the rules of stopping and parking, to park their cars in the permitted areas so that they do not to impede free and uninterrupted movement of other traffic participants.

At the same time, we recommend pedestrians to walk on the sidewalk and not to go on the roads and to cross the roadways through pedestrian crossings, parents to not leave young children unattended, people who use public transport to keep social distance and use medical masks that protect the respiratory tract.

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