Information of the Main STP Department of the MIA

12 February 2021-st

The officers of the Main State Traffic Police Department took preventive measures to ensure traffic safety on busy streets and avenues in Baku city and prevent road-transport accidents resulting from pedestrian collisions.

During the inspections in Nobel avenue and A.M. Sharifzada streets, despite of overhead and underground pedestrian crossings close by, pedestrians who put other road participants in jeopardy not using these crossings, were detained and awareness conversations were held among them, detailed information was provided on the importance of following the traffic rules.
Also, pedestrians who are indifferent to their lives and health and commit such administrative offenses are brought into attention of that a fine in the amount of 20 manat is imposed to pedestrians crossing the road at an unspecified place, including 40 km on roads with a speed limit of 80 km/h and more.

Be noted that such measures will be continued to strengthen the discipline among pedestrians, ensure road safety, particularly to maintain pedestrians’ life and health on traffic movement and we hope that each of us will achieve positive results if we approach approaches this issue receptively.

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