To the attention of drivers

02 March 2021-st

Nowadays, traffic congestion is observed on the roads at the entrances to the capital on certain days of the week, especially in the morning. The situation analyzes show that one of the main reasons for congestion is that some drivers drive an indisposed vehicle though road infrastructure of the capital city develops. So, to stop a vehicle on the road due to a malfunction or depletion of fuel leads to stop hundreds of other vehicles coming from that lane. The desire of rear drivers to cross into the next lanes with the intention of continuing to move adversely affects the overall traffic on all lanes, which makes it impossible to evacuate or maintain those vehicles. In this case, certainly the more no matter how many the roads are broadened, they will have little effect. 

Taking into account the aforementioned, to prevent the additional time loss of road participants on the roads, as well as to provide safe and uninterrupted movement, the Main STP Department of the MIA once again brings to drivers and vehicle owners’ notice that people responsible for the technical condition of vehicles in accordance with the requirements of applicable law must provide timely maintenance to maintain vehicles in good technical condition and follow the requirements in the running. Drivers and defendants will be subject to severe administrative penalties, as breach of these requirements is deemed to be a violation that violates the rights of other road participants, as well as obstructs the movement of operational vehicles carrying out urgent matters, causing administrative liability.

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