Appeal of the Main STP Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to traffic participants concerning with Novruz holiday

18 March 2021-st

The fact that date of March 20-29, 2021 was declared non-working days in connection with Novruz holiday and experience gained from previous years allow us to say that road traffic intensity increases on holiday due to city population’s going to different regions of the country and village residents’ coming to the capital on such long-term non-working days. Furthermore, hastiness of some drivers, exceeding defined speed limit without appropriate assessment of the seasonal weather condition, breaking of overtaking and maneuvering rules increases the probability of accidents on roads.

Moreover, although passenger traffic from cities and districts of our country was suspended according to the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the fact that some individuals and legal entities transport passengers from and to districts mainly by Mercedes-Benz Viano and Vito vehicles, as well as drivers commute tiredly several times a day such a long distance without following sleeping and resting regime finally causes to serious road traffic accidents.

Considering above mentioned facts, Main State Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs recommends all traffic participants, especially drivers to be alert on roads, not to drive in a tired and drowsy state, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to follow road traffic rules strictly, to check the technical condition of the vehicle before leaving and pedestrians to cross the roads designed only for them, as well as parents not to leave their underage children unattended on streets.
In order to prevent traffic accidents, to ensure traffic participants’ safety and convenient and uninterrupted transport, as well as to make sure everyone’s arriving at his destination and spend holiday in a good mood, officers of the State Traffic Police will provide service in an enhanced operating mode and intensify the control on roads.

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