To the attention of drivers!

22 April 2021-st

Recently, some people express their dissatisfaction on social media with the fact that traffic police officers have been detecting violations by stopping patrol cars in invisible points. Apparently, those who approach the issue in this way are unaware of the main functions of STP.
As such, according to requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Traffic”, as well as statutory instruments regulating the service functions of STP, traffic police officers are responsible for taking necessary measures to ensure traffic safety, detecting violations and holding the perpetrators administratively liable in a timely manner and preventing serious traffic accidents that may occur with such preventive measures.  
So, the detection of administrative violations using special technical means in patrol cars is the duty of traffic patrol officers. At the same time, in terms of traffic safety in roads, it is very important for all drivers to follow the rules in order to protect the lives and health of themselves and the passengers they carry in the car.      


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