Information of Main State Traffic Police Department

05 May 2021-st

As we informed, special preventive measures intended for eliminating violation cases of traffic rules are underway in the capital city and districts. Awareness and monitoring-preventive measures held by the Main State Traffic Police Department and its structural bodies since April of this year were aimed at preventing violation for use rules of seat belts, warning devices and sound signals, including cases of non-compliance with the rules by persons riding motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles.

Employees of the State Traffic Police Departments of Ganja, Aghsu, Aghjabadi, Gakh, Gazakh, Gabala, Gusar, Dashkasan, Zagatala, Ismayilli, Yardimli, Kurdamir, Goychay, Goranboy, Masalli, Mingachevir, Neftchala, Oghuz, Samukh, Salyan, Siyazan, Tartar, Tovuz, Ujar, Khizi, Hajigabul, Jalilabad, Shamakhi, Shaki, Shamkir and Shirvan city and districts’ police offices led a proactive discussion with drivers and passengers about importance of wearing seat belts, public dissatisfaction with the unnecessary use of sound signals, especially the inadmissibility of non-compliance by motorcyclists, moped drivers and cyclists, who have recently become more visible on the roads; as well as took also administrative measures about motorcyclists and moped drivers who have grossly violated the rules, including drivers violating the rules of sound signals in raids actively involving members of the media.

We ask once again our distinguished compatriots to contribute the development of traffic culture in the society where we live.


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