To the attention of entrepreneurs and drivers engaged in freight transportation activity

08 May 2021-st

Observations show that freight vehicles are overloaded as a result of violation of requirements for axial mass parameters by some individuals and legal entities and drived on the highways for general use. Such cases lead to creating an administrative error structure, as well as damage to the highway and road installations during movement of vehicles, damage to breakdown cover and highway construction.
Meanwhile, technically defective and unusable vehicles are used for freight transporting on the highway, so they prevent the movement intensity by stopping on the side of the road or on the carriageway in the event of a breakdown in those vehicles, and endanger the life and health of other road participants seriously.
State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads and Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ask individuals and legal entities engaged in freight transportation to adhere strictly transportation standards and safety measure during the freight transportation. 
We also inform that serious administrative penalty measures will be taken about persons committing administrative offenses in this area.

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