Call of the Main State Traffic Police: “We believe that you will express your solidarity with us”

18 August 2021-st

As noted by the specialists, the number of trips to relatively cool regions has increased significantly, especially on weekends due to the high temperature compared to previous years in July-August of this year; in turn, it has led to increased traffic on the roads and, in parallel, an increased likelihood of accidents.

However, analysis of recent serious traffic accidents gives ground that the main factor turning this probability into reality is irresponsible drivers being indifferent to her/his and other traffic participant’s life and health, ignoring recommendations, unpleasant experience regardless of being notified and taking prophylactic measures for regularly preventing possible accidents on the roads by the STP agencies.

Today, we can meet the drivers who drive the vehicle while intoxicated, drowsy, or sluggish or fatigue; drive a vehicle with full of passengers, which is in constant motion for a long time in this case; ignore the speed limit; violate exceeding and maneuver rules grossly; is turned into source of potential danger on the roads; sometimes take precautionary measures for safety ironically, even with angry. They act as if they are unaware of how many human tragedies they will cause in an accident that will result from their selfish, undisciplined, and irresponsible behavior.

The Main State Traffic Police Department believes that struggle for such people will be more efficient by using only administrative rule, but also public reproach methods and once again address the drivers and recommend them to pay attention technical condition of the vehicle before travelling to arrive safely, to follow the rules strictly along the way; not to take the wheel with drunk, fatigue or sleepless, to travel in relatively cool days of the day with vehicles without a cooling system, given the hot weather at the moment, and to rest at the stationary posts of STP after 1-2 hours incessant movement. We hope that every traffic participant will express their solidarity with us on this call, and will strictly follow the traffic rules for themselves, their beloved ones and other people’s safety by demonstrating a role model.

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