1 person was killed and 2 others were injured in a traffic accident occurred in Jalilabad district.

06 September 2021-st

Bayramov Rufat Fayig, a resident of Masalli district, born in 2000 lost control while driving in Goytapa city of Jalilabad district with “Mercedes-Benz 230” with a license plate 44-CF-650 and crashed into the wall on the side of the road at 23:00 last night.

As a result of crash, passengers in the vehicle beside R. Bayramov – Gasimov Khalil Isag (date of year: 2003) and Aghazada Ali Alizamin who was born in Masalli district were hospitalized, but it was impossible to save A. Aghazada’s life.
It was obvious that person driving the vehicle has no driving license and he was drunk at the event time according to initial probability. An investigation is underway related to the fact in the Investigation Department of Jalilabad district Police Office.

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