2 pedestrians died as a result of a traffic accident yesterday.

29 October 2021-st

2 traffic accidents happened in the country resulting in death on October 28, 2021 and both of them are pedestrian accidents.
Around 18:00 Isayev Gabil Oruj born in 1978 hit a pedestrian named Aliyeva Afat Firudin born in 1973 crossing the road with his Toyota car of 90-MU-899 number plate on B.Bunyatov Street of Sabunchu district, then the pedestrian fell in the opposite direction of the road and hit the Hyundai car with 99-OD-967 number plate moving on that direction and driven by Guliyev Samir Sabir born in 1982.

Around 21:25 Ahmadov Rusif Vagif born in 2002 hit a pedestrian named Garayev Jabir Jamil born in 2005 while crossing the road from the right to the left with VAZ 2107 car of 10-NC-407 number plate on M.Seyidov Street, Sahil settlement, Garadagh district.
In both accident pedestrians tried to cross the road from places not intended for them and it cost them their lives. The facts are being investigated.

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