Informations 28 June 2022-nd

As a result of the measures taken by the employees of the Regiment on Environmental Monitoring of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the MIA, the illegal actions of Rashad Najafov, who was driving a bus under the influence of drugs, were prevented. Thus, Rashad Najafov, the driver of the bus “MIDIBUS” brand, state registration plate 90-CT-684, moving from Sulutapa settlement towards the capital, was detained by the employees of TPS Regiment on Environmental Monitoring. The driver's actions during the verification of documents caused doubts, he was provided with a medical examination. During the examination, Rashad Najafov was determined to take drugs, and he admitted that he was a drug user. According to the relevant article of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan Rashad Najafov was sent to the court for consideration and drawing up an administrative protocol. By the decision of the court Rashad Najafov was arrested administratively for 2 days with the restriction of the right to drive a vehicle for 15 years.

Appeal of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the MIA related to ensuring traffic safety during the “Last Bell” events

13 June 2022-nd

Dear teachers, parents and pupils!

We congratulate each of you on the occasion of “Last Bell” and wish you success in your future life!

From today, pupils graduating from their native school will enter a new phase of their lives, move towards the goals they have set, continue their education in high schools, acquire a specialty or go to the military service to stand guard over the Motherland. But no matter where they are, they will remain a road user.

Recent experience shows that sometimes pupils get behind the wheel to have fun using the vehicles belonging to their parents or relatives on the day of “Last Bell” day or relatives. Regardless of the fact that the car is presented to the teenage who does not have the right to drive it or it is driven without the permission of its owner, such cases are dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed.

That’s why we call on the parents first who entrust their car to their child, who does not have a driver’s license. We remind you that such cases are a serious violation of the rules and create administrative liability. Unfortunately, sometimes parents are so negligent that as a result, there are serious tragedies for both individual families and our society.

Dear graduates, do not forget that every success in your future life is very important for your parents and us. By following the traffic rules, you will give value to the lives of your natives and others.

Once again, we wish our graduates celebrating the “Last Bell” success, health and achievements in the new stage of their lives!

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