Informations 28 June 2022-nd

As a result of the measures taken by the employees of the Regiment on Environmental Monitoring of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the MIA, the illegal actions of Rashad Najafov, who was driving a bus under the influence of drugs, were prevented. Thus, Rashad Najafov, the driver of the bus “MIDIBUS” brand, state registration plate 90-CT-684, moving from Sulutapa settlement towards the capital, was detained by the employees of TPS Regiment on Environmental Monitoring. The driver's actions during the verification of documents caused doubts, he was provided with a medical examination. During the examination, Rashad Najafov was determined to take drugs, and he admitted that he was a drug user. According to the relevant article of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan Rashad Najafov was sent to the court for consideration and drawing up an administrative protocol. By the decision of the court Rashad Najafov was arrested administratively for 2 days with the restriction of the right to drive a vehicle for 15 years.

Recommendation of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the MIA related to the ensuring traffic safety during the organization of excursions or other trips with schoolchildren

13 June 2022-nd

With the start of the summer season, the number of excursions or trips to recreational areas just for fun has increased significantly.

However, unfortunately, when organizing such trips the requirements in the field of traffic safety are not followed. Unlike regular passenger transportation, irregular passenger transportation is carried out on the basis of verbal agreements. In this case, the technical condition of the bus, whether the drivers have a driving license or not, as well as their professionalism and health are not taken into account.

Operation of buses in mountainous terrain, narrow roads, steep slopes and ascents, as well as off-road conditions at the request of the customer in recreational areas with undefined routes, can lead to serious traffic accidents.
Taking into account the current situation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has taken the necessary steps to increase the effectiveness of works in this area.

Thus, when the internal affairs bodies receive requests from the education departments to take students to recreation centers, it is planned to pay attention to the technical condition, passenger capacity of buses selected for this purpose, whether their drivers have the right to drive these vehicles and other features, as well as to accompany them free of charge by state traffic police officers in patrol cars.

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