Informations 28 June 2022-nd

As a result of the measures taken by the employees of the Regiment on Environmental Monitoring of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the MIA, the illegal actions of Rashad Najafov, who was driving a bus under the influence of drugs, were prevented. Thus, Rashad Najafov, the driver of the bus “MIDIBUS” brand, state registration plate 90-CT-684, moving from Sulutapa settlement towards the capital, was detained by the employees of TPS Regiment on Environmental Monitoring. The driver's actions during the verification of documents caused doubts, he was provided with a medical examination. During the examination, Rashad Najafov was determined to take drugs, and he admitted that he was a drug user. According to the relevant article of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan Rashad Najafov was sent to the court for consideration and drawing up an administrative protocol. By the decision of the court Rashad Najafov was arrested administratively for 2 days with the restriction of the right to drive a vehicle for 15 years.

Appeal of the Main STP Department to legal entities and individuals organizing bus trips to the regions in connection with the summer season

14 June 2022-nd

In connection with the summer season, during the holidays, bus trips to different regions of the country are organized for schoolchildren, employees of educational and labor institutions and their children. For such trips, usually buses and minibuses owned by various tourism companies, and in some cases by legal entities and individuals engaged in irregular passenger transportation are used. However, unfortunately, during irregular transportation, sometimes no attention is paid to the technical condition of vehicles, pre-trip medical examination of drivers, their compliance with work schedule is not strictly monitored, whether the technical characteristics of the vehicle correspond to the terrain, meteorological conditions in the destination, the driver’s driving experience, and this increases the likelihood of traffic accidents on the roads, especially in mountainous areas.
In order to prevent possible serious accidents and ensure safety, the management of educational institutions, as well as persons who organize individual excursions for minors, are asked to make such trips only through tourism companies specialized in this field.
At the same time, bus and minibus owners, as well as those who drive them, are informed that in case of detection of illegal transportation to the regions of the republic at the initiative of individuals, movement of those vehicles will be prohibited and serious administrative disciplinary measures will be imposed on drivers.
We hope that everyone who cares about their child’s health will understand this appeal and, as a responsible parent, prefer a safer trip.

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