Informations 05 August 2022-nd

The Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs started to hold the month of “Clean Air”.

Ongoing control measures are carried out against physical and legal entities carrying loads exceeding the capacity by car.

08 July 2022-nd

Observations show that similar violations are still committed by some drivers, despite continual warnings about transportation of any cargo, regardless of its destination, without exceeding the specified mass limits, measures taken in the direction of enlightenment of legal and physical entities working in this field.

During the control measures, the detection of drivers who violate the requirements for the permitted weight and mass parameters, the removal of the vehicles with the permitted excess load from the road traffic, unloading of excess load and taking measures of administrative punishment for the drivers are carried out.

Once again it is brought to the attention of drivers, as well as officials and legal entities carrying out the loading, strictly comply with the requirements of the current legislation, so appropriate steps in this direction will be continued to eliminate such violations.

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