Informations 05 August 2022-nd

The Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs started to hold the month of “Clean Air”.

Appeal of the Main State Traffic Police Department to participants in road traffic in connection with the Sacrifice holiday

08 July 2022-nd

The announcement of 4 consecutive non-working days on the upcoming Sacrifice holiday will enable city residents to visit the recreation centers in the districts and regions, thus, it is assumed that the traffic intensity on the roads will increase.

Despite the fact that the State Traffic Police regularly conduct control and preventive measures in the direction of ensuring safety on the roads, preventing possible road-traffic accidents, unfortunately, we still meet our citizens who are indifferent to the traffic rules and do not take into account that ordinary carelessness and haste can cause great tragedies.

The analysis of heavy traffic accidents in recent days suggests that, the main reasons of traffic accidents are the failure of some drivers to observe the speed limit on the roads, overtaking by going to the strip of opposite direction, gross violation of the rules of maneuvering, wrong choice of distance by means of oncoming transport and driving the car in the most sleepy or tired condition.

It should be noted that pedestrians are also guilty of serious accidents resulting in human casualties, especially in dark times of the day. Unfortunately, how quickly pedestrians cross the road late at night, getting off the highway without noticing whether the driver of the oncoming car notices him/her or not, walking out onto the road in most cases it costs them their lives.

Main State Traffic Police Department recommends to pay attention to the technical condition of the car before the trip, strictly follow the rules along the way, fasten the safety belts of the drivers and passengers, not to get behind the wheel when tired, sleepy, as well as to travel in relatively cool times of the day with cars without cooling system for citizens to reach the apartment safe and sound, to spend the holiday in a good mood.

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